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#11 Cosmic Convos with Sailor Mars feat. Leafswan



The crypto market as a whole might be down, but NFTs have had a great start of the year! Many projects saw immense growth this month and it seems like it’s not stopping any time soon. We’ve probably all been shilling our favorite projects at the dinner table during the holidays and a lot of new people came into the space. I am so curious to see what new talent will manifest in the NFT space this year. This year might be the last that we can call ourselves early!

If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much! This weeks artist comes from a small village in the Netherlands but already has made a big impact in the NFT community. Getting inspiration from everywhere, but she says that she sometimes dreams her art! You can clearly see this reflected in her works, creating mesmerizing dreamlike pieces of art. She says that in 10 years we might be spending our holidays on… Mars! According to Elon Musk, best case scenario people will reach Mars within 5 years. If all goes to plan Sailor Mars will be happy to welcome everybody there, haha! Now let’s travel into the dreamworld of Leafswan together!

Rei: I like your artist name Leafswan. What is the story behind the name?

Leafswan: That’s maybe a little strange but I do love swans a lot and one day I just wanted to leave to another country…so leafswan.


Rei: Can you tell me some more about yourself? Who are you besides being the artist Leafswan?

Leafswan: Well my name is Denize, self-taught 2D/3D artist and I am born in a small village in the Netherlands and work partime in an eldery home.

Rei: Tell me how you started out making art and how you have evolved into the artist you are now!

Leafswan: While working with patients I discovered that painting and drawing classes allowed those with dementia to express themselves in meaningful ways. I saw the most beautiful painting but I have always been drawn to art, in nature mostly.


Rei: Your art seems very diverse, but some pieces also show similar characteristics. What are your sources of inspiration for your art pieces?

Leafswan: I do like colors but I like to try new styles and tools. I get my inspiration really everywhere where I look, I dream NFTs sometimes.

Rei: How long do you work on your art every day and how exactly does this process work?

Leafswan: That varies from hours to weeks really, mostly depends on my mood.


Rei: Do you have a certain vibe that you want to convey with your art?

Leafswan: Not really , it all depends how I feel inside, my mood.

Rei: How did you start creating NTFs and how is your journey so far?

Leafswan: I heard about NFTs late 2020 from a former boyfriend who is into cryptocurrency but became more interested when Beeple sold that 69 Million piece.


Rei: It looks like you are very active on many different NFT platforms, I really haven’t seen this with any artist I’ve interviewed before. Can you tell me why and if you would recommend this to other artists?

Leafswan: Mainly because everybody starts at OpenSea and the free minting after the first mint. Foundation is just the most popular one IMO,  KnownOrigin and MakersPlace I got invited. I wont recommend more platforms, I only mint on Foundation lately.


Rei: Do you have any specific goals you want to achieve in the NFT space?

Leafswan: Financial freedom and grow with the community, invest in emerging artist.

Rei: Which artists do you look up to the most, in the NFT world and in general?

Leafswan: Wow, to name a few Chris Wahl, NoCreativeAbode, Grace Almera and so so many more amazing artist out there.


Rei: Where do you think the NFT space is going in the next 10 years?

Leafswan: As we all say ”we’re early”. I do think we’re early but in 10 years (That’s a lifetime in NFT world) we are overflooded with digital artist , spending our holidays on Mars and I hope we lead technology instead of technology leading us. If this goes as fast as it goes now I don’t think our children play outside anymore, don’t have real life friends but everything is online… scary IMO.

Rei: Lastly, where can people find more about you and your art?

Leafswan: They can check out my LinkTree!



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