Internet value of creating and curating NFT’s art in the maketplace

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The internet in recent years really has given cryptocurrency, especially nft’s more value than some traditional physical currency.  This being said, you might as well get educated on how to sell nft’s. More importantly learn how to market them.

NFTs have made their presence felt across the internet and the world. Think of it as NFTs having their marketing moment in the sun. For years, NFTs were unknown. Only a few small groups of digital communities believed in the future of NFTs. A majority of the world was simply unaware of blockchain technology. We never imagined that the internet could become better. Today, we believe in the potential of NFT Art as a new method of exchanging economic value on the internet.

Creating an NFT is one thing, but marketing it and then selling it is quite another task. You don’t need to be an expert to learn how to market your NFT art.

So you created an NFT. Well done! We’ll teach you how to market it in the below five steps.

Step 1: Understand What Marketing is?

Imagine as if you want to tell every citizen of the world about how you made an NFT and that you think they would like to own it. Since everyone now knows you’ve created an NFT, you’ve now successfully marketed your NFT. That’s great.

However, in reality, you cannot reach out to all the people in the world at the same time.

You realize you can only make a few people aware of your NFT at any single point in time. If you don’t have millions of dollars for marketing, you cannot place ads and wait for people to read about you.

You must use your time, energy, and money efficiently. It is better to spread awareness about your NFT to the people who will like it most. So, understanding your audience is the second step.

Step 2: Segment your Audience

Take a pen and paper and write who would be your most ideal audience and where you will find them.

For example, your NFT may be a sports highlight video. Wouldn’t it be better if you marketed your NFT to people who already like the sport or team or player, instead of everyone? Where will you find these people? You can find them in stadiums attending an event or buying their favorite team’s merchandise online.

Similarly, every individual and community is unique in its own way. For your NFT project to be successful, you must build a loyal community of supporters and fans who believe in the value of your creative work.

Think about what your NFT art represents. Talk about the story of how and why you made it. Why did you decide to use certain characteristics or styles? Imagine as if you’re having an active conversation with someone from your NFT community. How will you convince them that your art is valuable? Decide the story behind your NFT art. Once done, decide the type of community that will resonate with it.

Step 3: Build marketing channels

This is the execution step. This is where your marketing strategy will need a reality check. Once you’ve written your NFT art’s story, its background, and your own creative journey as an individual, it’s time to tell the world about it! How can you do that? We have a list of suggestions for you.

1. Create your website and make it SEO friendly with well-written blogs

2. Create a YouTube channel and post video content about your NFT art

3. Build a social media presence. You can use any social network you’re comfortable with. However, most of the social activity about NFT arts is currently on Discord, Twitter, Reddit, Quora and Telegram.

4. Collaborate with influencers on social media networks

5. Host regular community events like AMAs and live streams

Step 4: Choose the Right NFT Marketplace

Choosing the right NFT marketplace to display your artwork will play a major role in giving your NFT the attention it deserves. You need to evaluate the below three factors before choosing the right marketplace.

1. Market volume and liquidity: the total volume of sales processed each day on the marketplace

2. Transaction fees: should range between 2% to 15%

3. Supporting features: determine how well does the marketplace support artists along with other functions

You can also build your marketplace on NFTically. It lets artists and other creators get the functionality required to launch their NFT projects quickly. All one needs is their art and creativity. The NFTically platform and its team take care of the rest.

Step 5: Learn and Repeat

The NFT art market is new and multiple developments happen daily.

You can follow select NFT personalities on Twitter or become a part of NFT communities on Discord or telegram. There are newsletters and other educational resources from sites like NFTically, which will help you to set up and make a plan for your own NFT marketplace. As time goes, you will get better at marketing your work and building a loyal community.


It is easier than ever for any artist or creator to create an NFT art. Many artists make the mistake of not following well-honed strategies for marketing their creative work. This renders their work not getting the attention it deserves. This is why many times, we often see that the ‘best’ work is often not the most valuable. This should not be the case.

NFTically is a global B2B Saas hub with customized solutions for enterprises, brands, artists, gamers, and other creators, to build and launch their own NFT marketplaces. The team consists of blockchain developers & business executives who love to solve real-world problems.


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