Propy and Saood Al Ghurair Create A Launchpad for Propy Mena |First block chain in real estate in Dubai

Propy and Propy Mena combine forces to bring real estate transactions and smart contracts to the forefront on how physical real...
1 min read

Introducing JumpNet Smart Contracts | Change

Axie Infinity has taken the world by storm. Its cute critters and clever economic gameplay have made it possible for players...
2 min read

Microsoft Azure Heroes: Pioneering Enterprise Blockchain Rewards | Enjin Blog

In December 2019, Microsoft announced Azure Heroes, a new digital badge rewards program utilizing blockchain technology. The program delivered limited-edition badges...
5 min read

Enjin Ecosystem Vlog, Episode Two | Enjin Blog

Enjin’s COO Caleb Applegate joined co-CTOs Witek Radomski and Lukasz Orlowski to share insights regarding the interoperable, cross-chain Paratoken Standard being...
3 min read

Introducing JumpNet: Forever-free Ethereum Scaling | Enjin Blog

We are pleased to reveal new information about our upcoming scaling technology stack, which will feature 2 solutions to remove gas...
4 min read