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Which crypto you follow…doesn’t matter….it’s minds alike that know how to make a dollar out of 33 cents. Women from all different ethnicity are taking the forefront in this crypto world.

For example…..

Spritely worked with a female-led launch team to create an exclusive collection of 6,000 unique “Sprites”. The initial Genesis collection sold out in a matter of days raising over 21ETH ( $55,000 USD). Positively, this revenue will empower organizations such as Girls who code and Americans for the Arts via specific incentive goals. All in all, Spritely is on a mission to promote diversity and inclusion in the world of NFTs.

Picture depicts Spritely NFTs
Sprites are playful, mythical characters reminiscent of 8-bit video games.

Kimberly Crawford, Co-Founder at Spritely said, “I created the Sprites as a direct response to what I was seeing. They are my anthem that NFTs can and should be fun and inclusive adventures for everyone. For others to know that their ideas belong in this space–are WANTED in this space–that’s the end goal.”

Spritely NFTs are bringing positive change

Basically, the Sprites are mythical, pixelated NFTs. Each of the twelve whimsical Sprite types comes from one of six different realms and has a one-of-a-kind combination of attributes. As a result, there will never be two identical Sprites. While the characters are mythical in nature, any humanoid character included was purposefully replicated in a wide range of skin tones taken directly from Crayola’s “Colors of the World” set.

While Spritely has far exceeded the team’s initial expectations, the NFT team has not slowed. Currently, Spritely Arcade is under construction, where holders of official Sprites can play unique games. They can also earn $SHINE tokens, rewards that are only available and redeemable in the Spritely Arcade 2.

Furthermore, Season 1 will debut in 2022 and will include three distinct games. Sprites from each Spritely Realm will have their own utilities in the Spritely Arcade. As the Spritely Realm expands, the team hopes to forge even deeper partnerships, including opportunities for connecting and incorporating Sprites as avatars in several metaverse platforms and applications.

More importantly, the Spritely team is excited about their future potential in raising awareness for equity in the Metaverse.


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