Mzansiverse Johannesburg NFT Volkswagen Polo Model Specials | Unique 2022 German Car Features & 3 Golden Technology Rewards

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NFTs globally are steady flowing into every industry….Ole school Volkswagen has pitch their influence in….

Volkswagen South Africa is driving into the metaverse with an immersive NFT treasure hunt collaborating with Ogilvy South Africa. This new campaign aims to promote their latest Polo Model, the IQ.DRIVE. What’s more, the car features the latest and the best safety/intelligence technology available.

Image of the Volkswagen NFT metaverse treasure hunt, featuring bright lights, a car and the words GAME ON.
Volkswagen South Africa launch immersive NFT treasure hunt to promote their new Polo car.

Volkswagen NFT treasure hunt comes with some fantastic prizes.

The Volkswagen NFT treasure hunt, called ‘Game On’, has some awesome prizes up for grabs. Winners of this NFT quest can win real and virtual prizes. This includes a PS5 and tuition by the Volkswagen Advanced Driving Academy.

Meanwhile, the competition is aimed at the South African market and takes place in well known Johannesburg streets. As a Volkswagen NFT treasure hunter, you are looking for one of the 100 NFTs called the Mzansiverse. This immersive experience is its first venture into this new industry by Volkswagen South Africa. Additionally, three of the NFTs are Golden and come with unique rewards. 

Bridget Harpur, head of marketing for Volkswagen Passenger Vehicles, said: “We’re very proud of this gamified and immersive campaign. It delivered unprecedented consumer impact while propelling Volkswagen and its audience into a new world. It’s not just watchable – it’s playable. And it’s a great example of the intersections of engagement and entertainment.”

Finally, Volkswagen’s massive NFT marketing campaign shows how popular NFTs and the metaverse are. Huge Companies are actively implementing the technology into everything they do. This week, Starbucks announced plans to join the NFT space this year.


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