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If you are from around my era (well into my 40’s) you will definitely know about Fuzzles. If you were a kid, a young teenager, or maybe being a parent to your children.

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Do you remember the Tamagotchi? The “digital” egg-bound pet was all the rage in the mid-nineties, with over 10 million in the hands of fascinated kids and adults alike by June of 1997.

Not only were the little keychains as entertaining as they were adorable, but they were among the first examples of a technology whose development would take the world by storm over the coming decades.

Fast forward a quarter of a century, to a world where tech is advancing so quickly that even keeping up with the latest is a full-time job.

Amid the latest craze of digital assets and non-fungible token (NFT) collectibles, the concept of the “virtual pet” has continued to evolve as well. One of the newest and most innovative examples of a seemingly simple digital pet living in your phone and wrapped in extraordinary AI tech is called Fuzzle.

What the Fuzz?!

Created by Endless AI and marketed as ownable and unique NFTs by blockchain gaming giant Gala Games, Fuzzles are much more than Tamagotchi, and they are more than a digital assistant like Alexa or Siri, who can merely assist with programmed tasks.

Fuzzles may have the appeal of a child’s toy, but they are definitely not meant to be enjoyed and conversed with by children.

When asked about their purpose, Fuzzles tend to refer to themselves as “digital therapy pets,” and that’s exactly what they are.

They are programmed to carry on a conversation in a casual, human-sounding voice. If you are feeling down or troubled, they will typically offer you some good advice on steps to take to feel better about yourself.

They will offer you encouragement and broad solutions to many of your problems, under the premise that Fuzzles are new to planet Earth and on a mission to learn everything they can about humanity.

“Our mission is to make magical products that blow people’s minds,” said Michael Fox, CEO and Chief Creative Officer at Endless AI. “We see ourselves as pioneers navigating the uncharted worlds of blockchain-based entertainment and AI-enabled interactivity. With the “living” NFTs of Fuzzle, we’re just scratching the surface of what the future may hold. The possibilities are endless.” 

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