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The stage is set for the next big coins in 2022. With the current market still trending upwards investors and those alike have a lot to be excited about.


The events of the last few years have proven how volatile standard financial markets can be, which means the classic put-down of cryptocurrencies being a “bubble” are proven to be increasingly unfounded.

With the continued spread of cryptocurrencies, consumers are enjoying a consistent flowering of the crypto market, with new opportunities popping up every week.

As an example of how popular things are getting, the cryptocurrency market has a value of over $2.2 trillion.

After an enormously successful 2021, the crypto industry has blown up against all odds. So you don’t miss out on the substantial investment opportunities available, keep reading to discover the cryptocurrencies with sky-high potential in 2022.

Crypto’s Horizons Are Expanding

While the classic function of cryptocurrencies has been as an investment opportunity, this is rapidly changing as more and more projects are showing actual use-cases for their tokens.

For example, an increasing number of platforms are offering cryptocurrency payments across the internet, and there is even talk of cryptos being used to pay for things like public transport in the future.

As a result, emerging economies throughout Asia, such as India, are particularly benefiting from cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

The subject is especially pertinent for online casino enthusiasts, particularly in less accessible online gambling countries like India. Cryptocurrency payments are quickly gaining traction here, for various reasons.

Right off the bat, people love the fact you can remain completely anonymous at crypto gambling sites in India while enjoying the extra layer of security associated with blockchain technology.

Analysts expect a vast increase in potential Asian crypto uses over the next few years. Nevertheless, it matters little that crypto’s horizons are expanding if you don’t know the best currencies to invest in. Keep reading for a look at the top 2022 cryptocurrencies to consider.

Top 2022 Cryptocurrencies With Massive Potential

New cryptocurrencies are erupting onto the scene every week, but not all of them are suitable investments.

It’s tempting to jump headfirst into the world of crypto investment and focus solely on the top 10 cryptocurrencies, but as the experts will tell you, it’s crucial to do some research first.

New cryptocurrencies often represent the most profitable opportunities if you can get in early. To help you in this regard, we’ve highlighted some cryptocurrencies with sky-high potential in 2022.:

  • LBLOCK: Coming courtesy of Lucky Block, a blockchain-based lottery platform, LBLOCK is hotly tipped to erupt in 2022. For an idea of the buzz generated by Lucky Block, the platform received $5.7 million in investment funding after incredible demand. The LBLOCK token enjoyed $3.4 million of trading on its first day on PancakeSwap, so who knows how far this cryptocurrency will go in the future.
  • MANA: Decentraland (otherwise known as MANA) is a unique and innovative cryptocurrency, giving investors the chance to buy and sell NFTs in the metaverse. Aside from the MANA token, currently going for just $3.20, Decentraland also offers a dedicated Decentraland Marketplace where you can trade in-game items and virtual real estate.
  • DOT: DOT is a Polkadot token, an exciting platform that is changing the way traditional blockchain works for the better. It revolves around a parallel processing approach, meaning blockchains can function simultaneously as ‘parachains’. As a result, cross-platform possibilities are numerous. DOT is a great investment opportunity for those looking to be at the forefront of blockchain innovation.
  • LINK: A Chainlink token, LINK is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that crypto investors are toting as one of the most promising new tokens on the market. Its main USP is the ability to allow blockchains to remain decentralized and interact with real-world data. Currently, its low price is the main allure to investors.

These are just a few of the new 2022 cryptos with high potential. There is only so much we can tell you though, so be sure to keep your finger on the pulse and enjoy the best opportunities.

Don’t Miss Out On Profits: Get In Quick!

As with all new investment opportunities, you mustn’t wait around if you want to maximize your earning potential.

The experts are always telling us to stay ahead of the crypto curve, and getting in quick is the No. 1 way to do so. Staying in the know and keeping your eye on what could be the next big cryptocurrency is a key part of this.

However, it’s also critical to keep things organized. Trading with various virtual currencies can quickly become difficult to keep track of, so understanding how to do so is paramount.

Using these 5 platforms to manage your crypto portfolio is a great way to start and will make it easier to make new investments in the future.

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