How Blockv Invests NFTS Top Brands Marketing Strategy | Interactive & Programmable Platform

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BLOCKv is the next step in NFT technology. This innovative company has been around since 2017 and recently launched their new ultra-low gas NFT blockchain with numerous user-friendly features. They continue to enable exponential growth and adoption of digital assets across the world. Furthermore, BLOCKv aims to use its new technology for mass adoption.

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BLOCKv continues to impress as it brings NFTs to life with its ultra low gas fees and ease of use.

BLOCKv has enabled almost 37 million programable NFTs, and they are no stranger to the NFT world. In addition, it provides an easy access entry point for those new to blockchain.

BLOCKv is enabling millions to enter the NFT space

The BLOCKv technology is already in use worldwide through huge companies such as NBA, Unilever, and Pepsico. What’s more, the universal NFT wallet is unique. This wallet allows anyone to start collecting NFTs and digital objects with just an email or phone number.

Co-founded by the former CEO of Tether, BLOCKv is making it easier to create, mint, and distribute programmable and interactive NFTs. Essentially, The platform acts as a user-friendly interface layer for the blockchain.

The development platform is state of the art and makes the entire NFT process easier. What’s more, the company primarily focuses on the interactive and programmable NFT sector. Social media, AR, VR QR codes and much more fall under this category.

Finally, BLOCKv recently introduced massive updates to its NFT ecosystem, which is highly successful. Reportedly, it features new staking features, customizable marketplaces and incredibly low gas prices. 

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