Create and Design Fundamentals NFT’s to Power Ideas | Masterclass Industries Skills 2022

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Unlike cryptocurrencies….NFT’s perhaps will be the consistent variable to draw ideas. Furthermore….this digital platform will become the future.

In an era where digital collectible are appreciating in value at a record pace, many designers and content creators are looking to fully grasp the fundamentals of how to learn NFT design and creation. Whereas many industries might charge a premium to learn these important skills, the metaverse and digital collectible community have many affordable, informative packages to guide individuals looking to become creators in the NFT community.

VCCESS x Soulajit Collaboration

A digital artist named Jeremy Ian Thomas, aka Soulajit, partnered with metaverse firm VCCESS to educate his audience about the NFT industry, teaching different skills necessary to creating within the digital collectible community. The project is titled Art Official Intelligence, and the concept centers around a robot named Atom Angeles who serves as the “teacher” for anyone who buys these collectibles. Those who collect these NFT’s will have access to master classes that teach them the most important techniques to create in this digital medium.

What makes this Soulajit and VCCESS collaboration so enticing is that it actually involves customers purchasing and receiving their own NFT’s to own, which is an important step in fully understanding the industry. The California-based artist is looking to inspire others to learn and become as passionate about the metaverse and NFT communities as he is.

This project is one of many ways that VCCESS is looking to revolutionize the metaverse as they push the boundaries of what’s possible. The Art Official Intelligence NFT drop and subsequent training course can be found at Pricing ranges from as low as $150 to $1000 for the drop.

Udemy Online NFT Course

For the least expensive and overall quickest introductory course to learn the NFT community, worldwide online course provider Udemy offers an NFT artist masterclass for only $84.99. The course includes a two-plus hour video explaining some of the basics of the industry, including how to understand and participate in NFT art, where you can find NFT marketplaces and how to leverage the current demand in the industry. For more information on the course, potential customers can visit

Ben Yu NFT Class

One other creator looking to engage the NFT community is renowned crypto influencer Ben Yu, who promises users can master NFT’s in just one week. This course costs $250 and discusses important topics such as how to create NFT’s, how to identify worthwhile NFT investments and exploring why these digital collectibles hold so much value. Ben is another example of an industry expert looking to empower the next generation of crypto and NFT creators.


Overall, the most important way to empower the next generation of creators in the NFT community is to have respected leaders in the space offering tips and tricks to mastering this groundbreaking new technology. With talented industry icons such as Thomas and Yu leading the charge, the future looks brighter than ever for the next wave of artists who want to learn NFT design. Anyone interested in learning about the industry would be wise to learn from the leaders in the NFT community, with several options in place to provide the perfect starting point for aspiring designers and creators.


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