Doodles Price Meaning Art Collection Explained for Dummies 2022

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Trying to explained the NFT saga and how some are more successful than others. Doodles has so far been the forefront leader, according to a lot of reddit users. Some will go as far to define NFT to the Mona Lisa portrait. Whoa, well let’s go further into Doodles.


Launched last October, Doodles NFT collection is barely four months old. Yet, the collection is storming the charts and has become one of the most loved collections in the NFT industry. From humans and cats to aliens, pickles, and more, the colourful characters have struck a chord with the NFT community worldwide. In fact, the collection’s sales have crossed a whopping $268 million (at the time of writing)!

Various characters in the Doodles NFT collection
The Doodles NFT project is storming the charts!

The Doodles NFT collection features 10,000 NFTs generated from hundreds of traits. Some of the traits include face, hair, head, piercing, body, and background. Besides, as with other NFT projects like BAYC or Cool Cats, Doodles NFTs come with varying rarities. Of these, some of the rarest traits are stellar sweater, devil cat, holographic alien, bubblegum face, bed head, and much more—all of which are available in a single quantity.

Who Created The Doodles NFT Collection?

Evan Keast, Scott Martin, and Jordan Castro launched the Doodles NFT collection on October 17. Martin – a digital artist and animator with years of experience – designed the characters in the collection. Also known as ‘Burnt Toast’, the Canadian illustrator already had several NFTs to his name. Obviously, this helped him garner a name for himself in the NFT space before launching the fun-loving Doodles NFTs. Joining him,  team-members Keast and Castro who led the OG NFT project, CryptoKitties.

“The main focus should be on making good art and reaching a large audience,” Martin told Fortune. “Both of these require a lot of hard work and time to achieve. I was lucky enough to have been building an audience around my artwork for nearly a decade.”

The Doodles Mint: What Was The Mint Price And How Did It Happen?

Of course,  their wealth of experience appealed to the NFT community. Roughly a month before the public mint, the project closed its Discord server after reaching barely 1,000 members. Although this was previously unheard of in the NFT space, the decision definitely added exclusivity to the project.

Despite a relatively high mint price of 0.123 ETH, the collection quickly sold out. Believe it or not, their floor climbed to 2.3 ETH that same month. At the time of writing, the Doodles NFT Floor Price is a whopping 14 ETH.

Clearly, the iconic artwork played a crucial role in Doodles’ growth. Compared to the gender stereotypes practised by several top NFT projects, Doodles, caters to a diverse group of people. With the Pastel-hued line-drawn characters, you could be a golden-crowned ape or a rainbow-haired human. Or even a pickle wearing sunglasses.

Picture of many avatars
Doodles NFTs come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, objects and creatures. Credit: Doodles

Keeping the community first

Another reason for Doodles NFT project’s huge fan-following is its community-first approach. First of all, there’s the Doodlebank, its community treasury. With over $5 million, the treasury aims to fund products and events voted by the community. Essentially, the Doodles community functions almost as a DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization. In other words, each Doodle NFT serves as one vote in making any decisions relating to the DoodleBank.

As the project notes on the website, “Owning a Doodle allows you to vote on community-driven features, products and events.” Besides, this makes its “roadmap collaborative to be decided by the project founders and Doodle holders via the Doodlebank.”

The team has also set up what they call the “Doodlebank-blessed derivatives”. Basically, the team incentivises developers to submit proposals for derivatives of the Doodles collection. The community then votes on these proposals. The voting system has already given life to two new collections, Noodles and Pukenza.

Pranksy's tweet featuring rar golden ape Doodle NFT
Pranksy’s Doodle #6914 features a rare golden ape. Credits: Pranksy

All of this seems to have worked for the Doodles NFT project. The Discord server was later reopened and today boasts of nearly 40,000 members. What’s more, on Twitter, the project has amassed over 221,000 followers (at the time of writing).

The collection’s fans also include celebrities like Steve Aoki, who halted a live show just to show off his Doodles NFT! He bought Doodle #2238, the 9th rarest Doodle. Meanwhile, Pranksy bought Doodle #6914, a rare golden ape, for a whopping 296.69 ETH or around $1.1 million. Remarkably, this was the collection’s first seven-figure sale. Australian DJ Timmy Trumpet is another celebrity who has aped into Doodles.

Space Doodles, projects, live events, and more

For a community-focused NFT project like Doodles, there were bound to be some additional perks for collectors. First of all, there are live events. Apparently, Doodles plan to become an entertainment company. But actually, their interest in live events comes as no surprise.

Back in December, Doodles collaborated with The Heart Project to hold a real-life event during Art Basel Miami. The ‘Heart Basel Miami’ event included limited-edition merch, a gallery,  Doodles murals and live music performance. So it’s not their first rodeo.

According to an interview in Hypebeast, the founders are also planning installations, concert merchandise, and more in the future. Ultimately, they aim to “bridge web3 and the real world”. Likely, their December event was just a taster of what is to come.

Space Doodles: The New NFT Collection From Doodles

Doodles announced a new collection, Space Doodles. Yes, the team will release Space Doodles for all current holders sometime in February 2022. But, unlike companion NFTs of popular NFT projects, Space Doodles are not new NFTs. Rather, each Space Doodle is backed 1:1 by its counterpart Doodle.

A Space Doodle animation
Only current holders can mint Space Doodles. Credits: poopie

“Only one can exist in your wallet at any time and you can wrap/unwrap as many times as you’d like,” the project’s founder explained in a tweet. “And yes, there is a mint w/ unique visual traits, on-chain stats, and dozens of ships from @byburnttoast!”

While the Doodles NFT project is yet to attain the success of some of the blue-chip NFTs in the space, it’s certainly on its way. Clearly, their achievements this year put Doodles NFTs on the right path. With their: spectacular artwork, doxxed veteran developers, and a great community, it’s hard to ignore these trend-setters. Besides, who could turn down a pickle with sunglasses?


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